HR Health Check

Want to take your business performance to the next level?

Evaluate your business below :

High Performance Drivers



Your business structure is aligned to your business objectives, cost effective and you have meaningful jobs
Employees have a clear understanding of your business goals and values
Employee Communications are regularly scheduled and seen as important (combination of formal and informal face to face and e mail updates).  This is a 2 way process for you to give information but to also gather views and ideas from employees
Managers have a good understanding of each employee’s skills, aspirations and values and ensures that they are well matched to what they do best in their role.
Every employee has clear, written, agreed performance objectives
Employees are encouraged to take personal accountability and have the ability to stretch the boundaries of their role where it could result in a potential business benefit
Managers regularly review performance objectives and provide fair and accurate feedback to employees
Managers are genuine in their approach and supportive of employees.  Managers are hands on in helping an employee to a find solution
Employees are involved in decisions which impact them or their colleagues and have the opportunity to influence the outcome
Employees are given appropriate training to update their skills

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