People Matter Completely is a forward thinking, commercially driven HR business, based in Yorkshire.  We strongly believe that engaging employees in the right way can reap significant business benefits and this is at the heart of everything we do.

Sir Terry Leahy, former chief executive of Tesco, recently stated in an interview with the CIPD, that  “encouraging leadership and people management at every level of an organisation is key to success”.  He imparts these words of wisdom:

People really only need 4 things at work :

  • A job that interests them
  • A chance to get on
  • To be treated with respect
  • To have a boss that helps 

Simple words, but spot on, these can be applied universally. More complex to implement in reality, as businesses need to continually change and innovate to survive and move forward.  However, they act as a great sense check, they are true for both large corporates and smaller businesses.

We will act both as a source of technical expertise and as your business ‘conscience’, Our Services ensuring people decisions made are right for the short and long term success of your business.

Hayley Bruce BA(Hons) MCIPD, the owner of People Matter Completely has extensive experience across all aspects of People Management and a proven track record in delivering business focused HR solutions at pace.  

Food for thought…

Your mother may have told you every action has a consequence and rest assured the way you manage your people both on a day to day basis and through organisational change will impact your outputs, reputation and ultimately your bottom line.